Bullying In The Workplace Can Be Considered A Hostile WorkEnvironment

We are including this very informative short video on the workplace bully.


Bullying in the workplace is currently a scorching topic in Human Resource circles, workplace bullying occurs far more often than many employers, and employees realize. It does not matter if you have been bullied or not workplace bullying is an activity that should never be accepted. Employees by law are afforded the right to feel comfortable in the workplace. Each employee has the right to work in an environment that is free from all forms of harassment which would include being bullied in the workplace. And, no employee can feel comfortable in a hostile work environment.

By establishing a no tolerance policy for workplace bullying, you’ll do your part to ensure that your company is a safe environment for all employees.

The good news is most companies or governmental agencies have developed specific anti-harassment policies to address the issue.

Employers should establish policies in their employee handbook that make it clear that workplace bullying is never tolerated in any form shape or fashion.

And if the management team should receive any complaints about bullying those complaints must be addressed with a complete and prompt investigation, protecting the rights or all employees. Never sweep any claims of bullying under the carpet, and make sure that you do not retaliate against victims who report bullying.Under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, an employee can seek damages if faced with workplace bullying based on discrimination that is based on race, sex, religion, disability. These employee rights are available under federal and state laws because it is a violation of the Civil Rights Act, which promises employees a working environment free from discrimination and harassment.

The facts are that workplace bullying has several far-reaching side effects such as:

  • increased stress on the job
  • a reduction in employee productivity
  • along with endangering the emotional health of your employees.

As an employer, you should consider a way to address the problem by establishing robust company policies and place those policies into your company employee handbook. Along with said policies you and your management team must enforce them.

Bullying is many times tied to the bully on the school playground, but the truth is bullying in the workplace has become an enormous problem. Workplace bullying can take many forms the following are a few examples verbal abuse, aggression or intimidation against a fellow employee. The bullying may be carried out in the form of unfair job assignments or physical abuse. These actions when performed always fail to take into account or consider the protected rights that are available to every employee.

Verbal abuse seems to be one of the weapons of choice that the bully will use to attack the Target personally. Verbal abuse includes u2013 the following but does not have to stop with these examples – profanity, yelling and or racial or ethnic slurs. It could also consist of giving the Targeted employee a demeaning nickname or subjecting him or her to a constant flood of personal insults. Bullying in the Workplace is detrimental to individuals and costly to organizations. Bullying at work is much more than mere rudeness or “incivility.

Employers must realize it is their duty to provide their employees with a work environment that is free of any form of harassment whether it be sexual, emotional or verbal, the workplace must be free of it. Every employee has the right to expect their place of employment to be a place that encourages and promotes productivity through a safe and healthy stress-free environment. Failing to do your part to provide employees with their legal rights could in these times cost the company dearly.

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