Workplace Safety Topics are an important aspect of your companies Safety Policies.

Safety Training is one the eight requirements of every employers Illness and Injury prevention program.  In fact should you get a visit from Cal-OSHA, they will be asking to see two years worth of workplace safety topics, all of these training topics must be documented and signed by each employee in the company.  It is always good to keep a log or a binder of your training topics somewhere in your office along with your companies Illness and Injury Prevention Program, and the Heat Illness Prevention Program.

Every month we send out to our members one safety training topic and two if you are in construction.  The construction industry must be doing safety training every 10 business  days.  The motto that we encourage all California Employers to develop is to think safe and be safe.

For sure safety pays, the companies with the most efficient safety records are often the most profitable.

Developing a company wide mindset regarding being safe takes time and discipline.  Companies who have made the efforts to discipline themselves always make wiser decisions than those who don’t.  Not only that but the companies that are really in compliance end up hiring the best employees because employees know the difference between a poorly run business versus one that has their ducks in a row.  Trust me when I say that taking the time to discipline yourself to develop a good healthy workplace environment will hep your business succeed on many fronts.

How much time must I spend on each workplace safety topic?

In the old days Cal-OSHA, really wanted you to make a big deal about it and spend a lot of time on each topic, these days short topics are better because the employees attention span is not put to the test, thus making a shorter meeting a very effective tool indeed.

Where can I get workplace safety topics?

In this paragraph we are including a great link that will enable you to get a lot of great workplace safety topics free of charge.  If you should have any questions please contact us we love questions and we are here to help.

Final Words

CES Today is one of the best cal-OSHA Consultants that you could find, we have been helping business owners since 1997 to get in compliance with both Cal-OSHA, and California Labor Laws.  We are also available to do on-site work inspections at no charge to you.  If you would like us to do a safety audit on your business please contact us and we will be happy to make that happen.

Cal-OSHA Compliance Services that we provide

  • Illness and Injury Prevention Programs
  • Heat Illness Prevention Programs
  • Hazardous Communication Plans
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Respirator Programs
  • Workplace Safety Topics

California Employer’s Services is here to help you call us today for a free compliance consultation.  Since 1997 we have never failed to save a client money when it comes to Cal-0SHA fines and penalties. Most of the time our clients pass the inspection with no fines what so ever.  But for those who have failed to do what they should we are always able to get the fined reduced.