Business Owners

California Labor Laws have gotten so complex that the only way to avoid costly fines and the threat of employee lawsuits is to have a Compliance Coach who can help guide you through the maze of hiring and firing.

A good Compliance Coach will be there to answer today’s questions now. A Compliance Coach that you can count on will provide you with the following.

  • A professionally Attorney written Employee Handbook that is customized to your business.
  • An employer’s hotline that will provide answers you can trust to keep you in compliance and out of trouble.
  • All of the forms that you may need for dealing with the California Labor Laws and your employees.
  • A monthly news letter that will keep you up to date with the vast changes that come so quickly today.
  • A Network of professionals that will be there should you need to use them.

California Employers Services has been doing all of the above since 1997.  We not only know what the laws are but we know how the courts are ruling on these laws.  Remember Compliance only counts before, before the notice of intent to sue, or before the Cal-OSHA knock on the door.

Company Managers

Giving a wrong answer to an important HR Question, or failing to handle an issue correctly can very quickly land you in court.  Today every company management teams needs a good Compliance Coach who can help to give the right answers and help them to make the right decisions.

Maybe you never planned on being in charge of your companies HR.  But now you are.  There are many important aspects that you may need some help on.  Below are some key issues that every manager must know.

  • How to handle job interviews correctly. Knowing what questions, you can ask and knowing what questions that you can’t ask.
  • When terminating that employee have you done everything that needs to be done to protect your companies’ rights and not end up on the wrong end of a wrongful termination lawsuit?
  • We help you to follow all the rules concerning rest breaks, meal periods.
  • We can provide you with the needed information that that will help you to pay your employees correctly concerning overtime?
  • Documentation, are you doing it correctly?
  • Are you aware with the red flags that could prompt an employee lawsuit?

All of the above are why every manager needs a good Compliance Coach.  California Employers Services is who many business and managers have called on to make sure that they are in compliance with both Cal-OSHA Standards and California Labor Laws. 

New to Compliance

You might be an employer who has not taken the time to be compliant.  But you have noticed that more and more employers are either being fined by Cal-OSHA or being sued by their employees.

And now you have decided that you are not going to leave your compliance to chance.  California Employer’s Services is a great Compliance Coach.  We have been providing all the tools necessary to protect your rights as an employer since 1997.

We provide every member with the following items and more.

  • Up to date HR and California Labor Law forms.
  • We provide all of the Sate and Federal Postings needed to be compliant.
  • We can help answer the tough questions that come up daily.
  • We can help you hire and fire employees and do it in a way that will not put your business at risk for wrongful termination lawsuits.

We have a network of legal professionals that can take you from main street to the court room if the need arises.  We have been helping employers and management since 1997.  We not only know what they laws are, but we know how they are being enforced.

First year memberships start at $850.