Cal-OSHA Consulting Services can make compliance easier for employers of all sizes.

Cal-OSHA would much rather talk to a consultant versus an employer.  Believe it or not, that is the truth.

A Bakersfield Company finds it difficult to work with Cal-OSHA Enforcement Team.

I was down in Bakersfield and had just signed up this company.  They just happened have been a member of mine that did not resign up with us because the new ownership felt that they no longer needed our services.

While they were away from us, they had been fined over $37000.00 by the enforcement team.  Now they had done a great job of fighting this fine.  On that day they had been able to half of the penalty abated but could not get OSHA to sign off on their confined space program.

After they had signed up they asked me for two favors; one would I take a look at the confined space program and two would I call and talk with the enforcement officer to see what I could do to help their cause.

After going thru their program I found that it was not bad, it could have passed the way that it was, but I would have tweaked a couple of things here and there to make sure that it passed.

When I called the enforcement officer, I asked him why didn’t he pass the confined space program and instead of answering my question he asked me were we going to be the companies Cal-OSHA Consulting Service.

After I had told him that we were going to be used by the company for that purpose, he said to have them make this change, and I will pass the program.  At that point, I asked him why did he change his mind so quickly about passing the very program that would not pass before?

Why didn’t Cal-OSHA pass the Confined Space Program?

  1. The enforcement officer told me that he did not feel any employer could create a safety program that would pass an inspection.
  2. If somehow an employer was able to create one that did pass they would not be able to enforce it.

He went on to tell that every business today needs to have a Cal-OSHA Consulting firm working with them if they want to have a chance when working with the enforcement team

Cal-OSHA changes enforcement procedures for the field.

Today having a compliant safety program/illness and injury prevention program is not enough.  In today’s world, you must be doing everything that your program says or you will be fined for non-compliance.

Not only must you do exactly what your safety programs says but you must have written documentation of it too.

Cal-OSHA Compliance can’t be done alone anymore

All of the above is the problem but CES Today is your solution.  We make compliance easy, you will never know how easy until you give us a call to schedule your free Cal-OSHA Consulting Meeting.

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