Failing to get your business in compliance with Cal-OSHA could cost you your business.

I was a guest speaker once and I was talking about Cal-OSHA Compliance. After only speaking for about ten minutes everyone stopped me and said we just want to buy your membership.

After telling them that this was an informational meeting only, they allowed me to go on. After another ten minutes, they hit me up again. At this point, I asked them what the deal was here.

Now they pointed out to me an older gentleman and told me that he had been in the Automotive Repair business for over 30 years but not any longer. I asked him why and he said that one day the Cal-OSHA enforcement team visited him and fined him $130,000.00. He could not pay so he lost his business.

One of the issues is that the enforcement officer can fine you for anything they want, and they can also rate that fine as either a serious or a general.

2022 Penalty Adjustments

Type of Violation Penalty
Posting Requirements
$14,502 per violation
Failure to Abate $14,502 per day beyond the abatement date
Willful or Repeated $145,027 per violation

From the chart above you can see that it is not that hard to get into some high-end real estate. Notice that each of these fines or for one item, but when an enforcement officer does an inspection, they will
find several different violations.

Hazard Inspections

Hazard Inspections should be done at least once a year. You need to identify those inspections and then fix them as well as document them. Your Cal-OSHA inspection will go much better if you are trying to comply.

You should keep those records for at least three years.

Cal-OSHA Compliance Steps

  •  Have a customized Illness/Injury Prevention Program
  • Conduct Safety Training Meetings Monthly
  • Have a Covid 19 Compliance Binder
  • Every year fill out your OSHA Form 300/300a
  • When new equipment is purchased make sure that you do the proper training for the equipment
  • Should there be an accident that involves a stay at the hospital or a bodily dismemberment you report this to Cal-OSHA within 8 hours.
  • Make sure that you have a Heat Illness Prevention Program that you can refer to if the temperature gets to 90 degrees or more.

This is a very simple article giving you some of the basics of Cal-OSHA COMPLIANCE. I am attaching a link to the top-ranking violations of 2021.