Safety In The Workplace Is The Goal Of Cal-OSHA

One of the main reason why Cal-OSHA is so demanding when it comes to a safety in the workplace is because through the years it has become painfully clear that the stronger the enforcement the more employers and employees pay attention.

Cal-OSHA and History has demonstrated that one of the reasons why many have died in workplace accidents has been the fact that safety in the workplace has not been enforced properly.

A perfect example of this was the accident that happened in Colorado, which later came to be known as the Ludlow Massacre. Legislators made it clear after the fact that if the safety laws that had been in place in Colorado had been enforced, the number of casualties would have been reduced tremendously.

Taking the time to establish a culture of safety  is not simply important; it could be a lifesaver. There are many excuses for not having a solid history of safety established on the job site, but none of them are valid.

It does not matter that employee safety in the workplace is not as high on the priority list of employers as it should be; it does not take a rocket scientist to understand why there are so many work-related injuries and deaths, and that reason is the lack of both implementation and proper enforcement of solid safe work practices.

Even with the passing of more and stringent Cal-OSHA standards concerning the health and safety of employees, many employers are failing to comply. These harsher standards encourage each company to develop real safety policies and procedures that will protect the company’s employees from hazards in the workplace. However, some things continue to stay the same, and the fact is most employers do not take employee safety seriously by creating an environment that will promote safety.

There are some companies that have a difficult time when it comes to establishing safety in the workplace. And yet other companies, usually the more successful ones seem to have stellar safety records that
clearly demonstrate what a culture of safety should look like. The issue comes down to how employers and employees view the issue of safety in the workplace.

Companies who successfully set and meet the company safety standards, make the issue of safety along with establishing a culture of safety a very important matter. In simple terms, such companies view safety and employee training as part of the better business.

These companies take great pride in the fact that they as employers have created an atmosphere that produces a culture of safety that greatly enhances a safe environment that makes all employee more comfortable.

Many employers say, “Oh yeah, health and safety is important.” But, all too often, health and safety in the workplace is entirely confined to the first aid kit in the break room.

Many employers have given very little thought to the safety culture that their employees must work in. Many employers have not even implemented their safety program nor do they document or conduct safety training on a regular basis.

The truth is that with a little effort and consideration, it is possible to put some important health and safety measures into action. You might be surprised at the improvements in the workplace environment and employee
motivation after just a few changes.

Cal-OSHA and OSHA have established many rules and regulations for the purpose of creating an environment that will have a culture of safety that will benefit both the employer and the employee.

While it is true that some businesses do not have the ability because of a lack of funding to comply in a way that will create a safe environment for their employees and establish a culture of safety; the lack of funds will not matter to either Cal-OSHA or the family of the employee that gets injured. Employers need to understand one thing. There is not a valid reason for non-compliance when it comes to Cal-OSHA or OSHA.

The difference between a company that thrives at safety and a company that struggles is a simple, yet profound the difference  is called caring more about doing the right thing, then just getting by when it comes to Solid safety practices. The companies that do provide a good safety culture
do not need a law to force them to do the right thing.

It’s time that more companies improve their view of safety in the workplace policies. OSHA and Cal-OSHA have been established to ensure that a culture of safety will exist to the benefit of the employer and the employee.

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