If your business is located within the state of California and has three or more full time employees, then a membership with California Employers Services is a very smart move.

As a business owner, you have many things to worry about on the day-to-day. You have payroll and HR functions, strategizing and market analysis, and maintaining company morale all on your hands. The last thing you need to be worrying about is staying in compliance with Cal-OSHA regulations and California labor laws. This is where California Employers Services comes into play.


Giving You The Peace of Mind You Deserve


When your business is signed on with a membership to CesToday, you can always rest assured that you are in compliance with all applicable employer laws in the state. You will be able to go about running your business while leaving the labor law and other details in the capable hands of the experts. This not only takes a huge burden off your hands but also guarantees that your business never runs afoul of any of the complicated state laws that apply to companies. This will save you a lot of time and potentially a lot of money in fines and other damages from violating labor laws and regulations.


Any Size Business


No matter if you’re a company with hundreds of employees and multiple offices throughout the state or a small startup with a staff of three, California Employers Services will make sure you are fully in compliance with all labor laws within California. A membership with us will keep you up to date at all times with the laws of the state. Many smaller businesses attempt to go it on their own, but the risk to doing this is the potential to incur large fines or even have your business shut down. Why take this gamble when a single membership will guarantee that you are in compliance at all times?


Any size business should seriously consider consulting with a service that knows the ins and outs of the complicated California state laws. CesToday is that service. We stay on top of the Cal-OSHA regulations and California labor laws and will be able to make sure that your company is in the clear and not in violation.


Assisting You Through Growth


If your business is thriving and in the process of expanding, then a membership with us will go a long way to making sure your growth is also within regulation. California Employers Services knows California state employee law thoroughly and will be able to point out any potential problem areas and offer solutions as your company grows. The last thing you would want is for your progress to be halted due to violation of a labor law you were not aware of. We will make sure this never happens.


The Consultant Companies Trust


Large and small companies all across California have come to depend on the consulting services of California Employers Services. Each company is treated as an individual entity, and all of the unique aspects of each company are taken into consideration when being consulted on labor laws. Unlike other consultants who offer blanket advice across a number of different companies, California Employers Services treats each business as an individual and tailors their services to fit the unique needs of the organization. You just won’t find this type of care and attention with any other labor laws consulting service.

 Reach out to California Employers Services today and guarantee that your company is in compliance with all California labor laws for the long haul.