To be honest, I had thought that over the last two years the state had done a good job of making compliance with Cal-OSHA along with all of the complexity of the new California Labor Laws about as hard as it could ever be for employers to comply.

Hopefully, employers have been paying attention because now their very own employees can report you online in real time.  Over the last few years, it was bad enough that some hungry law firms had been chasing any and every opportunity that they could find and then Launch One Class Action Lawsuit after Lawsuit.  

Add to that the fact that the goal of Cal-OSHA has been to force employers to hire a Cal-OSHA Consulting Firm.  With all of the new enforcement procedures, they have succeeded at that, yes in these times even employers with only one employee are much better off having a Safety Consultant that they work with.

The Oakland Department of Labor Offices Open New Online Reporting of Employers who violate California’s Wage and Hour Laws.

Below is some of the main features of the new online reporting.

  • The system will be very user-friendly
  • Will allow the department of labor to get real time leads on business that is in violation of California Labor Laws.

One of the main purposes of the online employee reporting will be for what is called wage theft.  Wage theft happens when employers fail to pay employees properly.  Below are some examples of wage theft.

  • Non-Payment of Overtime
  • Not providing Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Failure to Pay Minimum Wage

It is the Labor Commissioner’s Office aka The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement’s responsibility to make sure that employers get and stay in compliance with all of the wage and hour laws here in California.

The Division of Labor can and will make calls on business owners similar to the way that Cal-OSHA does.  Similar to Cal-OSHA they may do an inspection of your business practices concerning any wage and hour laws.  They can ask for time cards that have been paid and inspect those time cards for the purpose of making sure that the employer is paying their employees correctly.

Expert Cal OSHA Consultant

While CES Today is very much pro-employer, we have to admit that many employers are not paying their employee correctly.  So while we do hate to see this kind of intrusion into employer’s businesses we are forced to admit that to some extent it is justified.

California Employer’s Services has been helping employers since 1997.  We are very good at what we do.  One of the reasons why is that we are very protective of employers rights and everything that we create or implement for our members is for the purpose of making compliance easy.

You know if have noticed that it seems that the laws and standards are getting harder and harder to deal with we would love to hear from you. We love questions, so give us a call and let’s have a quiet chat.