Over the last few years, California Labor Laws have gotten more complex.

As a result, employers have become more and more overwhelmed. Below is a partial list of what employers need today if they are going to have any chance of getting and staying in compliance.

  • A good Employee Handbook
  • A good Illness and Injury Prevention Program
  • A Heat Illness Prevention Program

Let’s talk just a little bit more about these three building blocks that are needed if employers want to have even a small chance of being in compliance.  A good employee handbook is always your first line of defense when it comes to California Labor Laws.  Your policies should be clearly spelled out.  Not only should your policies be spelled out but they need to be enforced fairly and equitably.

When it comes to Cal-OSHA Compliance your illness and injury prevention program will be your first line of defense. These days it is not enough to have a well-written safety program that complies with Cal-OSHA Standards, you must also be doing the things that your safety program says that you will do.

  • Conducting Safety Training Topics regularly
  • Make sure that you are writing up employees for any safety violations, or commending them for being safe
  • Have a way for employees to report unsafe work conditions in the workplace
  • Make sure that you are doing your random hazard inspections and then make sure that you fix all found hazards

Not only should you be doing all of these things and by the way, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to compliance in the state of California.

When it comes to your Heat Illness Prevention Program you need to be aware that there are new Cal-OSHA Standards when it comes to indoor business.  In times past the law was not directly related to indoor business.  But that has all changed now.

Should you have any questions we would love to hear from you.  We take great pride in helping employers to understand what they must do in order to comply.