Effective March 1 the new California Restroom Sign Law became enforceable.

Now all restrooms that are a single toilet facilitate must now be identified as an all-gender bathroom.

Well, now I have seen it all.

I am very sad to say this is not a joke nor an early April fools gag.  This is per Health and Safety Code sec. 118600.

More about the California Restroom Sign Law

This new law allows inspectors and other building or local officials who are responsible for code enforcement to inspect your bathrooms for their compliance. Many restrooms are marked as either men’s bathroom or a woman’s bathroom.  These will no longer work.

If you are an employer, you need to make sure that your single user bathrooms are identified as a unisex bathroom.  If you already have the unisex sign on your restrooms, you are good to go.

Believe it or not, there have been a lot of lawsuits in California that have been filed over incorrect signage.

When you go to get, your sign make sure that you get the right one, many retailers especially online are not selling the right bathroom sign. The correct signage will have the symbol of the triangle superimposed onto a circle is the only specific indicator required by the building code.

Before you buy any signage make sure that the signage will comply with the building code to be safe.

Maybe laws like this tell us why California is one of the top five least friendly employer states in the United States.

The truth is there have been some very serious changes in the way that Cal-OSHA is now enforcing safety violations.  Employers do need to make sure that their employee handbook is current.  The employer should also make sure that they are doing every aspect of their safety program.

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