Wednesday May 3, 2017 was a potential good day for employers with the passage of the New Overtime Bill by the House of Representatives.

The vote on this bill was pretty much along party lines with the final tally being 227 yes to 197 no votes.

This New Overtime Bilallows employers who are in the private sector to give paid time off to employers in view of overtime pay.  From here the bill will proceed to the senate.
Bad News For The New Overtime Bill

The Senate Majority Mitch McConnell, has not disclose whether the senate will take on this New Overtime Law Bill.

Similar bills to this one have been presented before but failed to become law.

More About This Bill

Federal overtime is anything over 40 hours per week.  Once the employee has worked 40 hours overtime pay at the rate of 1 ½ times the normal hourly rate of pay.

This new bill would give employers the opportunity to give allow their employees to take time off work in exchange for the overtime.  The time off would be at the 1 ½ rate the same as if the employee was to be paid for the overtime.

Employees will have a reasonable time period to take the comp time but that term has not been defined yet.

How this would play out in California will be interesting to see since California has its own overtime standards.


As with any bill there are arguments both pro and con.  But it is still nice to see bills coming through that are at least employer friendly.  It has been a very long time especially here in California that we have seen so potential good news for employers.

CES Today has been helping employers comply for twenty years now.  We are very excited about our 20-year mark and helping employers comply with all the new standards is something that we derive great joy from.

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