My, my how things have changed in the workplace it wasn’t all that long ago that sexual harassment did not go beyond the workplace.

In those days once an employee left the workplace and went home they were free from all forms of harassment. But with the advent of social media and emails now the harassment that you left at work can follow you home.

With the use of social media and other online platforms that would include email and texting employees can make comments at the drop of the hat, sometimes posting things without even thinking.

The result has been that employees who receive these unwanted and many times misguided contacts have complained of things like, harassment, defamation, violation of a right to privacy to say the least.

Back in 1964 which is the year that Congress approved the Title vii of the civil acts, there was no chance that lawmakers could have seen this coming.  The same can also be said for the year that this same bill was amended which was in 1991.

Employers and employees need to know that the federal government takes all of this very seriously.  Reports have demonstrated that 64% of all companies have polices addressing social media and harassment while on social media.  It is also noted that 70% of those employers have had to take action against employees for the misuse of the social media platform.

Sexual Harassment cases can cost a bundle

Sexual Harassment cases can be very expensive getting into the millions of dollars.  That is a very expensive proposition.  While employees may think that it was simply harmless fun you cannot deny that technology has led to sexual and other forms of harassment to many different forms.

  • Sexting
  • Inappropriate Facebook Messages
  • Even Texting can become a place for unwanted harassment.

There are a couple of troubling facts contained in the article. Number one why do only 64% percent have such a harassment and social media policy.  Every employer should have a policy like this, and they should have it reviewed annually by either an attorney or an HR Consultant.

Employers must take charge in  the workplace

It is the duty of the employers to provide a safe and healthy workplace environment.

Sexual Harassment in the workplace is just one area that employers are challenged when it comes to compliance.  The good news is that CES Today is your solution.  We have helped hundreds of California Employers get and stay in compliance the easy way.

CES Today Makes Compliance Easy

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